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Leave / Absence

As regular attendance is an important element of education, no leave or absence will be granted except on medical grounds.

1. 85% attendance is compulsory for all the students to be on roll and to appear for the examination.

2. Half day leave will not be granted to the students; once they come to school they have to attend the full day school. Due to any exigency if half day is availed the child will be marked absent.

3. Uncertified absence for more than a week renders students liable to be struck off from the school rolls

4. Long leave of absence must be obtained from the Principal in case of serious illness, which needs to be supported by a Doctor’s certificate and a covering letter by the parent.

5. A pupil who has remained absent from school for 3 consecutive days without prior permission should be admitted only with the permission of the Principal

6. If a pupil is late or absent he must bring a written justification on the “Absence Record’’ in the diary.