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What Is Expected From JSPCSS

1. Attend the school in proper, smart and neat uniform.
2. Be in school five minutes before the first bell.
3. Concern for personal, school and national property.
4. Due respect will be shown to prefects and class monitors on duty.
5. Enter the school with great desire to learn.
6. Foster positive attitude.
7. Greet your teacher with respect.
8. Help each other a sense of vision.
9. Instill the habit of reading newspaper.
10. Judge others by their manners and not by their looks.
11. Keep the books neat and tidy.
12. Liberal approach - tolerant and open minded.
13. Maintain cleanliness and throw papers in the dustbin.
14. Never tell lies whatever may be the cause.
15. Obey the rules and regulations of the school.
16. Please, sorry, thank you are good manners to be used in our talk.
17. Queue up while moving for assembly, Library, music room, laboratories or to the ground.
18. Resort to unfair means during examinations is out of our dignity.
19. Simplicity, courtesy and spirit of harmony are our reflections.
20. Take part in all co-curricular activities.
21. Universal brotherhood and service to mankind are our feelings.
22. Value the time, as it does not wait for anybody.
23. Wearing the school uniform is our self esteem.
24. X-ray the weakness and find solutions.
25. You will succeed if you try hard.
26. Zenith is the ultimate achievement.