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The sports infrastructure at JS Paramount makes the study of the students lively and Meaningful. Sports are the part of life Style of our School. Sports enhance physical and social aspects of students. They are the panacea to physical and mental stress.

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A creative medium of self expression Art is encouraged in each grade. Our students participate in several in-house and out of school competitions. Not only that, several appear for the Art Intermediate Exams. Art is a part of our program of study and is included in our Time Table from Early Years onwards. We understand and value Art as a precursor to development of written and expressive skills.

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Learning of students at JS Paramount is not restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Various outdoor experiences are designed for students regularly within the projects and themes they work on & are directly linked to the grade level learning goals. In contrast to ‘school trips’, these expeditions provide real hands-on opportunities to learn about people, places, cultures, how things work and develop a systemic understanding of different habitats and systems.