• Shri Muktsar Sahib Road, Bathinda
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Chairman's Message

Our Vision
To create Future Leaders to meet the challenges of society while retaining our culture. To inculcate the feeling of dedication, devotion and determination among scholars and other stakeholders towards their profession.

Our Mission
JS paramount Convent Sports School is offering broad and challenging educational program to create future leaders. We are bounding our students not only with the academics but with our culture. Keeping this thing in our mind, we have tried to introduce our culture by providing the ambience for the same through this historical building. We promise you to provide the best education and the best future leaders.

Our Motto
“Aspire, Act, Achieve” is the motto of JS Paramount Convent Sports School. JS Paramountians are prudence and perfection is achieved through Practical Learning. We have expunged the traditional methods but blended them well with the modern ones. Educators exposed latest tools of the trade so that Scholars can learn each and everything by heart. They blend and innovate to come up with a wonderful crux which helps them to make the teaching learning process better. The grandeur of this Historical building is giving grand dreams to our students.